how to partition a hard drive windows 8

how to partition a hard drive windows 8

how to partition a hard drive windows 8

This is how to partition a hard drive windows 8 completely.


The cause to partition windows eight or 8.1 hard power

Why we need to partition a home windows eight or eight.1 difficult power? On the one hand, it’s far for information safety – in case your home windows eight/eight.1 difficult force only has one partition which include home windows, boot documents, packages, files, photos and so forth, when there may be some thing wrong along with your machine, all facts at the partition can be misplaced. On the opposite, hard power partitioning can make complete use of disk area and might be more convenient for us to assort distinct styles of files and files, and make our laptop run smoothly.

how to partition a hard drive windows 8

Three conditions may additionally pressure us to partition a hard drive in home windows 8 and eight.1

1. Most effective one partition on the difficult pressure.

If there is most effective one partition at the difficult force, you need to divide extra walls for distinction uses and statistics safety. You could assign one as the gadget partition and the others as records walls. This may enhance the performance of your laptop and make you control your documents in a extra efficient manner.

2. A new hard pressure.

Consider that you just bought a brand new hard drive, there is no doubt that the first component you want to do is to create numerous individual partitions and save one-of-a-kind facts. Partitioning in windows eight or 8.1 have to be easy to acquire with the partitiion software. That’ll assure you the good perforemance of your laptop in the destiny. Also, for similarly use, the conversion between fat32 and ntfs must be absolutely safe.

Three. Redistribute disk area.

how to partition a hard drive windows 8

After putting in a few programs and windows updates, machine partition (c: drive) might also run out of disk space, but there’s a good deal extra unused area in different partitions, which includes d: partition. In such case, you could partition hard pressure to make gadget partition bigger by taking disk space from d: to c: power.

No matter for what purpose, windows eight and 8.1 disk control and a third-celebration loose partition supervisor software permit you to partition a windows eight or eight.1 tough drive without formatting or reinstalling device.

Partition a hard force with home windows 8/8.1 disk management device

Disk management is a built-in tool of home windows 8 or 8.1. It could shrink quantity, increase partition, create partition, format partition. However the limitation of this tool is which you are simplest allowed to increase a partition to contiguous unallocated space on the right facet, in any other case, “amplify extent” option may be grayed out. The subsequent will take “decrease a partition and create a partition” for example.

Open home windows 8 or 8.1 disk control by means of urgent “windows + r” and typing “diskmgmt.Msc”. In the pop-up window, proper click on a partition and choose “reduce quantity”.
In the pop-up window, enter the quantity of space to decrease.
Click “shrink” and we are able to get an unallocated space. Then, right click on it and choose “new simple extent”. Then, we will partition a brand new volume in windows 8 or 8.1 with the aid of following the steering. Extra information about partitioning home windows eight with disk management – click right here.
Partition a tough force in home windows eight or 8.1 with unfastened partition supervisor software

Even though windows eight/8.1 disk management utility can partition a new volume, it nevertheless has some shortcomings. But partition supervisor like aomei partition assistant is a professional and advanced software program to partition a difficult power in home windows 8 or 8.1, not handiest includes fundamental features, but also superior features, inclusive of flow partition, merge partition, disk copy wizard and so on. Furthermore it is able to paintings well with all windows working structures.

how to partition a hard drive windows 8

Down load freeware
The subsequent will take “amplify a partition” and “create a partition” as an instance to manual you the way to use aomei partition assistant to partition a tough power of windows 8.

Expand a partition

Step1: launch the software program and pick “make bigger partition wizard” at the left wizards tab. Within the pop-up window, there are alternatives to be had to select, here we take “increase gadget partition” for instance.



Step2: pick a partition which you plan to take unfastened space from after which click “subsequent”.


Step3: circulate the bar rightward to decide how an awful lot unfastened area you would love to feature from partition d to partition c, and then click on “subsequent”. In the subsequent step, please click “continue” to execute the operation.


Create a partition

Step1: install and release aomei partition assistant, and then right click on a partition which has sufficient unfastened disk space (here is c force) and select “create partition”.


Step2: in the pop-up window, you may exchange power letter and manually modify the size of latest partition by way of inputting precise size or dragging the slider bar leftwards or rightwards. Further, you could also input a partition label, pick out partition type (number one or logical) and report machine via clicking “superior”.


Step3:click on “adequate”. You’ll locate that windows eight or eight.1 tough power has a new partition. Click “apply” to dedicate the operations.


The loose magic partition software – aomei partition assistant general edition is extra clean-to-use and advanced in comparison to windows eight/8.1 disk control to partition a hard pressure in windows 8 and eight.1. You could divide a tough force into exclusive drives in home windows eight with its powerful fetures break up partition. Besides, you could use it to layout partition, delete partition, even merge partitions. Please free download it and revel in the alternative powerful features.