how to partition a hard drive windows xp

how to partition a hard drive windows xp

how to partition a hard drive windows xp

This is how you do how to partition a hard drive windows xp in details.


The principal gain to splitting up individual disks into more than one walls is to soften the blow while you need to reinstall your os. That is completed by way of setting your os and packages on one partition and your media on a separate one.

how to partition a hard drive windows xp

For home windows users, there are numerous 1/3-celebration packages that you could download/buy with a purpose to help you with this method. In reality, none of those are clearly essential due to the fact windows comes with a built-in (and nicely-hidden) disk-management machine. Permit’s get started.

Locate the disk supervisor

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Step 1: open the begin menu and type “disk management” into the hunt window. Click at the entry that looks categorized create and format difficult-disk to partition a hard drive windows xp

Create empty space on the tough drive
If failed to construct your laptop, the chances of having unformatted space is pretty not going. If you actually do have unformatted space, or you just offered a brand new tough pressure and are partitioning it, you may skip this part.

how to partition a hard drive windows xp

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Step 2: current versions of windows are able to splitting off unused elements of your tough pressure into more recent partitions (with older variations, as in home windows xp-era, you may in all likelihood want to freshly layout the force). To do this, pick out the pressure from the list in the backside pane of the window.


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Step three: proper-click on on the primary partition of the pressure and pick out decrease quantity. The program will then calculate how a lot space it may split off. The time it takes will vary based totally at the potential of the difficult drive.


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Step 4: in the window that looks, input the partition size that you want to reduce faraway from the principle phase. Note that the size is in mb, and there are 1024 mb in a gb. Click the reduce button once the dimensions is on your liking.

Choose and layout your partition
With area cleared in your tough drive available for partitioning, you are geared up to set it up for use.


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Step five: right-click at the empty partition, categorised unallocated, from the lowest pane. Pick out new easy extent… From the menu that appears.


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Step 6: a wizard will appear to stroll you thru the formatting of the partition. It’ll set off you for the desired length of the partition, let you set a power letter for the partition, and select the document system (you’ll maximum possibly want ntfs). A precis of your alternatives could be displayed earlier than any formatting happens.


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As soon as the format is finished, a brand new power will appear for use in home windows.

(non-compulsory) step 7: circulate your media onto the newly partitioned power!

For best effects while splitting your disk into walls, a nearly empty difficult force need to be used. The more statistics you have, the more hard it will be for the working machine to split a partition huge enough to be beneficial. If deleting your records isn’t an choice, strive jogging the disk defragment application to move space round.