Source Citation for Plagiarism Prevention

Academic writing that involves the use of information borrowed from another source requires citations or acknowledgements. So whatever information it is that you want to borrow from another source, always make sure to cite or acknowledge the author or owner of that source. However, the common dilemma about this is that people do not know exactly what kinds of information should they cite. Are all kinds of information that can be borrowed should be cited? Read more to find out and also to help yourself avoid committing paper plagiarism.

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An Author’s Exact Statement

When writing a paper, there will be many times when you want to use the phrase, words, sentence, or paragraphs of other persons from their works. You may do this by using their words into your paper. However, you cannot do this freely. You still need to acknowledge the original authors because those words are not originally yours. You can do so by using citations, quotations, or references. If you do not do this, you will get accused of committing plagiarism and receive the serious punishments from committing it.

Ideas or Arguments of Other People

There are papers wherein you may want to borrow the arguments or ideas made by other people. Such arguments or ideas may be the keys to making your paper a lot more credible and stronger. However, you cannot just use their ideas or arguments for free. You still need to incorporate the use of citations and referencing to be able to use these. Otherwise, you will get penalized for committing plagiarism. Also, you should note that common knowledge need to be cited or referenced. Common knowledge is defined as any universally accepted fact. So if you want to incorporate common knowledge into your paper, no need for you to include citations for it.

Details That Can Be Extracted from the Web

The internet has become a reservoir of knowledge and information where a lot of people nowadays hunt for. Even journals are published online nowadays. If you want to make use of information from the web, then you can also do so by using citations. If you don’t the authorities will be able to track down your paper and determine if you have committed plagiarism. They can then punish you if they find out that you are a plagiarizer.

After reading this article, you now have a lot of information about the things that you should cite when it comes to borrowing information from other sources. Following this will help you avoid committing paper plagiarism. To help you with checking for online plagiarism, you should use a plagiarism checker. This tool will help you determine if your paper contains plagiarized contents and how much of your paper was plagiarized in terms of percentage plagiarized.